Roles We Play

We typically help managers and organizations by customizing one of the following four roles to specific client needs.

See What We Do for more details on the activities often associated with these roles.

Advisor. We provide procedural and substantive advice that improves senior executives' ability to create value and overcome interpersonal dynamics that would otherwise undermine getting results. Typically billed on an hourly basis, the purpose of this role is to provide executives with timely advice to optimize strategic and tactical moves.

Problem-Solver. Most executives have a to-do list a mile long. Management tasks Insight to solve a few very specific problems. Whether meeting with angry investors, mediating a lawsuit, negotiating retention clauses with key team members, or auctioning off a distressed pool of assets, Insight professionals apply their unique negotiation and communication skills to deliver concrete value. Typically billed on a combination of time and success fees, problem solving success is measured on a task by task basis. By using Insight in this capacity, managers can leverage a much broad er range of talent and skills while freeing up their own time to address other issues.

Process Manager. Changes in an organization, its industry, or the surrounding market can create a host of management challenges including key team member desertion, accelerated investor redemption requests, compounding legal challenges, evaporating operating capital, and pure fatigue. Partnering with managers and their core teams, an Insight consultant gets involved in a subset of daily activities for the duration of the change. Activities might include forming and negotiating with an investor committee, renegotiating financing documents, helping coordinate and execute legal or governance strategies, identifying and negotiating terms of new capital, selling distressed assets, and coordinating public relations. Decision-making authority may be reserved by the management team or delegated to the Insight consultant as appropriate. Typically billed on a time and success fee basis, Insight personnel become part of the management team.

Manager Proxy. In certain circumstances, under the instructions of senior management, the Insight consultant can serve as a surrogate, taking on the roles and responsibilities of the manager for the purpose of piloting the organization to a set of specific deliverables, or through an orderly wind-down. These situations are complex and extremely delicate. When done properly, they allow managers to fulfill fiduciary duties by passing the keys to others permanently or for a specified time period. This approach is most common in particularly complex situations, where interpersonal challenges are extreme, or where an orderly wind-down is warranted. Fees in these instances vary and must take into account operating costs and the interests of any investors and senior management teams.