Insight Partners Consulting is a privately held company founded by Harvard graduates Patrick McWhinney and David Seibel to aid management teams that work with a network of key employees, partners, investors and outsourced professionals.

Insight Partners Consulting was born as a natural extension of Insight Partners LP. Founded in 2002 by Patrick McWhinney and David Seibel, Insight Partners LP rapidly developed a world-class reputation in conflict management, negotiation, and communication training. Working from models developed directly out of the Harvard Negotiation Project and outlined in the best-selling books Getting to Yes (Fisher and Ury, 1981) and Difficult Conversations (Stone, Heen and Patton, 1999), Insight Partners LP works with companies and organizations from a variety of practice areas, including financial services, government agencies, technology, health services and real estate.

Insight Partner's global clients began to rely on the firm's expertise in consulting capacities, leading to engagement in the coordination and restructuring of nearly every aspect of a multi-million dollar hedge fund, from investor relations to investment management. Asked by a range of existing clients to help improve the underperformance of executive teams or asset management arms, Insight drew on its negotiation and communication expertise to dramatically rebuild and improve results.

While prime candidates for Insight consulting services have included hedge funds, private equity companies, investment banks and asset management teams, our core competencies add value to any management team trying to get better results.

Insight Partners Consulting is now a stand-alone entity that continues an Insight tradition of delivering significant substantive results without damaging business relationships.